Skyline Printing Co.

Our Story

"It all began with a restaurant menu back in 1995."

Desktop Publishing

The Skyline Group is a family operated business that began in 1995 offering desktop publishing services. Shortly after a very successful marketing campaign our first jobs started rolling in. Right after completing a new menu design for a local tavern, the proprietor asked us if we could imprint his logo on matchbooks. We didn't do that kind of work, but we said, "Sure we can." At first we thought we bit off more than we could handle. But a few weeks later we delivered the tavern owner 10,000 matchbooks.

Since that time our business has continued to grow. Now, promotional product sales and printing services account for most of our growing business volume. Of course we still provide desktop publishing services (now called graphic design services), that's how we got into the printing business.

In 2015, we changed our trade name to The Skyline Printing Co. so potential customers could relate our name to the business services and products we provide.


In order to provide you with more than just camera-ready work, we established strong relationships with printers both locally and nationally. Some of our print partners are capable of handling well over 20,000,000 impressions per day.  There's no job too big or small for us to handle.  No matter if it's stationery, posters, or full color magazines, we can handle your next job.  We proudly offer the Union Label upon request on most printed materials.

Promotional Products

Some people still ask us, "What are Promotional Products?" Believe it or not everyone has a few in their home or office. Promotional products were previously called advertising specialty items. In 1997, the industry began using the term Promotional Products. These are all the neat things that businesses give away displaying their name. Like the pen your banker gave you, the calendar your insurance agent gave you, the matchbook you got at the restaurant you ate at last night and the boxer shorts that silly store down the street gave you with their name printed across the seat.

We now distribute promotional products for over 3,000 manufacturers producing over 450,000 different items. If you want to print your name or logo on something, we have a promotional product for you.

Your logo.  Our stuff.  It works.                                                      


In 2000, after five years of steady growth in the printing and promotional products fields, we expanded into the decorated apparel market at the request of several customers.  We now provide screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment and heat printing.  Give us a call the next time your business or organization needs decorated apparel.


Today we have customers throughout the United States and in two foreign countries.  Our business has grown at a steady rate since we began in 1995.  As a family business, we take pride in handling every customer account in a "world class" way.  From greeting you on the phone or in person, to delivering your order, we pledge to give you nothing less than the best products, at great prices, with world class customer service.

Our success depends on it!